I think Trump supporters are tired of thinking…

Hey, it happens. Modern life requires a lot of thinking, and that can be exhausting. Some people are just more comfortable if they have leaders who do their thinking for them. I mean, why should you waste your precious brain cells trying to figure out who to hate, and and how to make your life better without having to do much work? It is so much easier to have someone who is smarter than you… someone with a brain that works biggly and hugely… dictate your thoughts to you. To dictate not only ways to make your country great again, but to have dictated in the first place the idea that the country wasn’t great anymore. What a relief to have a strong leader who can dictate your every though and action.

If only we had a word for leaders who dictate all this stuff.



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4 Responses to I think Trump supporters are tired of thinking…

  1. List of X says:

    The problem is, one has to think to guess what the word is.

  2. danyadarling says:

    Did they think in the fist place?

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