So you elected an asshole: A survival guide… the final solution… uh… I mean chapter…


I know I already made the joke about disguising yourself as a tRump supporter in order to make it through the next four years, but I could never do that. I was going to finish this series with the joke that I will probably end up disguising myself as  an inmate in one of America’s new concentration camps.

The thing is… and this is the most important and scariest ‘thing’ I ever put in a post… we are much closer to America becoming the next Nazi Germany than people think. I have done posts about this. I study history. Nobody took Adolf Hitler any more seriously when he was elected than most of you take our new president. And I don’t just mean democrats. I mean that most republicans are overlooking the dangerous aspects of this man just so they can get back in power.

Hitler had a very small core of actual Nazis when he took office. He was just a man with funny hair who squeaked by in an election by promising to make things better, and blaming the problems people were facing on ‘those other people’. It was what Hitler did after the election that made Nazi Germany. It is a slow, step by step process.

There is a very real danger that America will become a totalitarian state run by a petulant dictator with self esteem issues.

What worries me is that the very opposition to the new president might be his road to complete power. If the protests turn violent, this would be an excuse for our new Fuehrer to declare martial law. He can take away our rights under this condition. Maybe he will decide to override the powers of the House and Senate. He has already talked about replacing the military leaders in this country with Generals who agree with his way of thinking. Does everybody  not see how dangerous this is.

This orange buffoon has already shown complete contempt for the laws we live under. He has no use for morals or ethics. His own supporters admitted that he has a ‘list’ of people who stood against him, or disagreed with him, or insulted him. He is petty and malicious, and has a base following of hardcore disciples who are mean-spirited, vicious, and angry. And they believe the fake news, not the real news. These are people who can ignore any truth put forth by scientists because it doesn’t fit their religious views, and overlook any religious  stricture that doesn’t allow them to express their hatred for others.

If you don’t see the danger, you haven’t been studying history. The world has been turned upside down, and the stagnant malignancy at the bottom of the swamp has boiled up to the top. I’m not saying that all republicans are like this, but they let their party be hijacked by people like this, and then refused to stand against it or abandon that party.

I have no weapon to fight this growing darkness but my humor and my art. But if all I can do is throw humor at tRump, then I am going to throw that shit like a pissed-off monkey. If there are ever concentration camps built in this country, I will probably end up in one, all joking aside. I send obnoxious tweets right to the buffoon in question. Because I intend to come down on the right side of history.

If I am wrong, and he just ends up being the worst president ever, then we can all live with that. It doesn’t change the fact that we let the worst parts of the American psyche, the worst segments of the American people, take us closer to the precipice than is acceptable. The people who blame everyone but themselves for all their problems, the people who despise others for somehow taking their share of what they feel they are owed, the people who hate and fear others who are different than them. These people are now the wide base of our national political structure.

If you aren’t afraid, you should be.

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8 Responses to So you elected an asshole: A survival guide… the final solution… uh… I mean chapter…

  1. List of X says:

    I guess we’re both will be going to the greatest and most terrific concentration camp in all human history.

  2. Lucy Brazier says:

    Oh I agree with you whole-heartedly, Art. People thought Hitler was a funny sort of chap with ideas above his station. Mein Kampf was widely ridiculed and no one took his twisted views seriously. Until he very nearly ended up running the world. Politics aside, what shocks me most about Trump is this thin skin – he can’t take even joking criticism and snaps far too quickly at his detractors. Not particularly encouraging for a man about to lead one of the most powerful nations on Earth – not to mention his finger on the red button…

    • He has serious mental issues. What bothers me is how many people can overlook all the things he says and does.

      • Lucy Brazier says:

        I can sort of see how it all came about – like with Brexit over here. People got so tired of the status quo that they became desperate for something – anything – different to the ruling elites running our world. Unfortunately, a sense of perspective has been woefully lost and people seem blinded to his obvious instability in the hope that he really will make things better. They just don’t want to think about the carnage that comes with giving a raving narcissist all that power. Hopefully he will be kept from doing anything too drastic and the world will just have to hold its breath for a few years.

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