Meetin’ some mammals… part 6… (Or): It hurts my brain when I think…


Okay, the ‘huts my brain’ part of the title has nothing to do with this post, but it is a good caption for the first picture.


I don’t have any more funny advice about meeting these particular mammals, since, by law, you aren’t supposed to get anywhere near them.


All I know is that elephant seals are awesome, so I always stop and take pictures for you when I take the scenic route back from visiting my mom in the Bay Area.


Depending on the time of year, this one stretch of beach is sometimes a madhouse.


This time, it was fairly quiet. The young bulls are practicing their fighting moves. The older bulls are gearing up for the big battles to come, when they will have to decide which ones get a harem and which are left to their own devices. There is only one winner on any one part of the beach. The stakes are pretty high.


It was an absolutely gorgeous morning. The sun had just come up.


And even on a slow day, the amount of noise is astounding.


I am glad I had the telephoto lens.


And now, back to our adventure.



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13 Responses to Meetin’ some mammals… part 6… (Or): It hurts my brain when I think…

  1. Christopher says:

    Whenever I see the big brown eyes and funny whiskery cheeks of pinnipeds I think how cute and friendly they look, and then I see their teeth and I don’t think twice about keeping my distance.

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