What goes on in my head when I am alone in a car on a long drive: The crack squirrel chronicles… part 1…


This morning, at 4:00, I left San Diego. Later, I watched the sun come up from the top of the range of mountains North of LA. Right now, I am at my mom’s house in the Bay Area… and we will get to the reasons for that later.

We all know that I have crack squirrels living inside my head, right? Well, have you ever wondered what it was like to be me on a long, lonely car ride? And I don’t mean an exciting road trip ride on undiscovered highways, or even a familiar but beautiful stretch of road. I mean a long, grueling, 8 or 9 hour trek with very little to look at that I haven’t seen thousands of times, and most of that is boring.

So, just to give you a little insight into the inside of my cranium, I am going to do a series of posts over the next day or two, based on the cryptic little scrawls I jotted down in a notebook… mostly in the dark… while fighting LA traffic.

Now, don’t panic. I won’t do the whole day’s worth of random weirdness that is my lot in life. I stopped taking notes when I took that picture. This is just two hours worth of mental meanderings.

Some are just random thoughts, and some are ideas for actual posts, which I will fill in… or out… before I share them.

This first one is easy… and I am doing these in the order that I thought them up… but, this question popped into my mind:

I wonder if Donald Trump ever had a pair of those ‘truck nuts’ dangling from the rear of one of his limousines?


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33 Responses to What goes on in my head when I am alone in a car on a long drive: The crack squirrel chronicles… part 1…

  1. You see, we just don’t get that kind of class in this country…

  2. List of X says:

    Yes, but they were really tiny.

  3. Elyse says:

    Trump IS truck nuts.

  4. chris jensen says:

    No! But his probably were dragging out the door!


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