A mammal with a reptile dysfunction… ha… oh man… I crack me up…

a 1

So, while we were gallivanting around Old Town with our English relatives, I was standing outside a toy store when they all went in to poke around, and I spotted this lovely couple through the window…

a 2

The thing is… and this is the thing that made me take these pictures…  that it looked like a love scene from one of those old, classic movies… Like Rhett Butler holding Scarlet O’Hara, leaning her back for the kiss…

a 3

I went inside the toy store to take a photo from the other side… but that was just creepy…

a 4

But from outside, it was really rather tender and passionate… I mean, considering the fact that they were hand puppets… and it was a raccoon and an iguana… but… other than that…

a 5

Her scaly lizard mouth was saying no… but her little plastic eyes were saying yes… and something about wanting a hand stuck… well… never mind about that…

a 6

I apologize for sharing six pictures of this intimate scene with you, but I couldn’t decide which best captured the moment… I also apologize for once again disregarding my ‘family friendly blog’ rule…

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