My new book is now available!!!


Double Service… a quaint little murder mystery set in London in World War Two, is now available… just by clicking the link… which is a button cleverly disguised as a picture of the book… over there in my sidebar on the right side of this blog page.

If you click that picture, you will be magically transported to a place where, for a nominal fee, they will print you a copy of the book, and send it to wherever you want them to send it to.

I mean, think about it. Think of all the stuff that went into making this possible.

First of all, I had to be born, then go to school and learn rudimentary English, then make up all the people and plots and stuff that went into the book.

Somebody had to invent the English language in the first place, and then figure out how to make a written version, and then invent printing… and computers…

A tree had to grow, and then be cut down with tools that somebody also had to invent… and then be sent to a place where it was ground up and milled into paper.

And, of course, money had to be invented, so that both I and the publishers could actually get something for all this work we did.

The internet had to exist in order for me to have a blog in which to tell you about the book, and so there was a place to put the button… cleverly disguised as a picture of the book… for you to click to get the book.

The post office had to be invented, and stamps, and trucks and planes to carry the book to you.

When you get right down to it, thousands of people worked for thousands of years to make this book happen.

We even had to have a global war against the Nazis… just to have an interesting historical background for the novel to take place in.

And all you have to do is click a button, type a few things into a few boxes, and then sit there waiting in anticipation for the book to show up right on your doorstep.

That seems like a pretty good deal.

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18 Responses to My new book is now available!!!

  1. Elyse says:

    I set a reminder too, Art! I remember pieces of this when you posted it (but I couldn’t find it all, so I waited.)


  2. I am officially putting you on that reminderer we discussed a couple weeks ago. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions and commented:
    I am going to buy one.

  4. puppytd says:

    You promised a laugh and you didn’t disappoint! Lots of luck with the new book.

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