What a long, strange trip it’s being… part 4… (or); The record-breaking poker game of Tombstone, Arizona…

That poker table in the foreground holds the world’s record, according to Guinness, of the longest running poker game of all time, For nine straight years the game ran. You had to sign up at the bar for a place at the table, when a player passed out, went off to sleep or eat, visit with one of the ‘ladies’ or was gunned down for cheating. I didn’t actually Google that to fact check it, but that is what the guy at the Birdcage Theater told me.

Wait, that photo is missing something…

Ahhhh, much better.

This is the basement of the Birdcage Theater.

This is real Western history.

There are still unopened barrels of wine and bottles of whiskey down there.

You could smell the past.

Back upstairs once more, and we see a famous Faro table.

So, if you turn around to look at the piano, you are looking over the sight of a short-range shootout. Let’s do that.

Alrighty then. I didn’t Google this ‘famous’ duel, but I bet Doc won.

This is the actual hearse that took the dead to Boot Hill.

It is inlaid with real gold.

That is an actual viewing casket from the 1800’s. Once people had paid their respects, the body, if there was no money to pay for a real coffin, would be put in a pine box, and transported to Boot Hill.

Oh, the opulence of the private boxes.

Goodbye, Birdcage Theater. It is time to head out of Tombstone… with one short stop on the way out of town… and get back to our adventure.


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