Throwing shade; A study in light and shadow… part 9… special tree edition…

Sunlight on a lemon tree. Our eyes are adapted to the light levels of our sun. And all the plants on Earth are adapted to grow in that same sunlight.

It is amazing how nature links together in so many ways.

Why is nature so beautiful to us?

Why is getting out in nature so rejuvinating?

Why is the weaving of light and shadow so mesmerizing?

Maybe it is because we have been living in and with nature for so long.

We lived in forests and woodlands for far longer than we have lived in cities.

We plant trees and flowers, make parks, keep the trees near us.

Maybe we know we need them, that they are more than decorations.

Maybe we need the tangled branches to offset the straight lines of our cities.

Maybe a stately oak tree speaks to us.

Perhaps a Redwood calls us home is some mysterious way.

Maybe we aren’t as far detached from nature as we pretend we are.

And maybe the trees are looking back at us.


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