The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 3… special ‘flashback’ edition…

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Now, when I say ‘flashback’, I am definitely probably not implying in any way shape or form that I used to drop a lot of acid and go to Grateful Dead concerts, on this family friendly blog, and you should not infer that I am saying that I ever did or didn’t do things like that, just because I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

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But I did find an awesome store in the Haight Ashbury district in the city, that did cause a ‘flashback’ of sorts, in a non-old-acid-trips-coming-back-into-your-head kind of a way… you know, more just like good memories.

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I mean, you either get ‘The Dead’, or you don’t…

a 4

But I sure did. Also, I want that tree for Christmas next year.

a 5

Both my daughters had tie dye outfits when they were little. They still wear tie dye now and then, and so do I. I think my older daughter, Jessica, the one we visited in New York, came home from the hospital in a little tie dye onesie. Onesy? One-sie?

a 6

And I don’t mean that off-the-rack tie dye, the painted-on, mass-produced crap.

a 7

Plaid… the original tie dye!

a 8

I mean real tie dye, made by old hippies in their back yards, in vats, with rubber bands and love. Like these.

a 9

Tie dye never goes out of style.

a 10

Everybody loves bright colors.

a 11

If you are ever in San Francisco, check out ‘Love On Haight’, and say high… uh… hi… to the nice old hippy lady who runs the place.

a 12

We bought most of our tie dyes at the street fair on Telegraph avenue, over in Berkeley.

a 13

You support your local artists. Also, if you are a messy eater like me, tie dye is a must-have. It is also good for dentist visits if your gums bleed a lot.

a 14

Okay, see you soon.





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2 Responses to The Bay Area Christmas adventure… part 3… special ‘flashback’ edition…

  1. From acid trips to crack squirrels, just keep things smooth and groovy, daddy-o!

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