New York City… day 3… part 13… why am I making that face… (or): a dick named Rump lives in New York…

a 1 b

Why am I making that face?

a 1

Because after my wife and I left Central park to meet my daughter and her husband for fancy drinks, we passed this place.

a 2

Technically, the name Rump has a ‘T’ in it somewhere, but it still made me think of a huge ass.

a 1 a

So there you go.

a 3

It even looks a little like Sauron’s tower.

a 4

And passing through a mall to get to the fancy drink place, we saw the man himself! Hello, Mr. President.

a 5

I thought it would be more mushroom-shaped, but it does look like it has been polished by more than one porn star.

a 6

Okay, that isn’t really Donald Rump. My daughter told me about this statue, after she heard the story of my son-in-law and I at the Museum of Modern Art, and all those penis photos I took there… and posted here… and she said this one was actually famous. So many people were rubbing his junk that it got shiny.  That guy to the left might actually be a security guard who is supposed to keep people from touching the junk. Watch out for that lady over there!

a 7

I am pretty sure that is the last photo of a penis that I will be sharing… from this trip…

a 8

Bye, Mr. Rump!

a 9

Now, off for some excitingly overpriced adult beverages at… a place whose name I do not remember…

a 10

But it was the kind of place that had a thing like that hanging from the ceiling.

a 11

And a thing like that by one of the revolving doors.

a 12

The kind of place that caters to the upper crust, who arrive by carriage.

a 13

The kind of place where rush hour has more horses than cars.

a 14

The kind of… hey, I petted that horse!

a 15

Okay, they might let a Bentley sneak in now and then.




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