New York City… day 2… part 8… some random New York City photos taken from a Lyft, while we discussed Buddhism with the driver, who was from Tibet…

a 1

Look, there’s the dang Brooklyn Bridge again.

a 2

I took these after my son-in-law and I visited the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and took that short walk in Central Park.

a 3

We were going to meet our wives after their shopping expedition.

a 4

The rain had more or less stopped.

a 5

Half way through our trip, I was starting to feel like I knew New York just a little.

a 6

Those are some low clouds… wait… what is up with that building on the right?

a 7

It has veins… or a huge plant growing up its sides.

a 8


a 9

Oh yeah… New York flying rats.

a 10

Don’t park there, and don’t look up.

a 11

So, there is one more post of photos from this drive.

a 12

And then you get to see some funny pictures of how I spent our downtime at the end of this, our second day of the 3-and-a-half-day adventure.


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