New York City… day 2… part 6… the very last of the New York Cosmopolitan Museum of Art photos…

a 1

You have survived to the midway point! This is more or less noon on the second day of our 3-and-a-half-day trip to New York.

a 2

Now don’t get too excited.

a 3

I might have taken the most photos on the last day.

a 4

It was a pretty exciting day.

a 5

My son-in-law, admiring some art.

a 6

Because it was raining so hard, this was an easy day.

a 8

The inside of an Indonesian temple inside a museum.

a 9


a 10

If you find art boring, this is about it.

a 11

All good things must come to an end. Also, why do I not have a dragon ladle and soup pot???

a 12

Okay, goodbye, huge museum.

a 13

I wish I could have seen more of you.

a 14

I am sure that there are a lot more penises in there that I didn’t get photos of.

a 15

That sounded wrong.

a 16

Let’s get out of here.



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