New York City… day 1… part 7… Trinity Church; a shout-out to history and the musical ‘Hamilton’…

a 1

I see dead people…

a 2

These are some pretty old headstones. I mean, by American standards, not by any other part of the world, but still.

a 3

These people are buried around a very famous church in New York City.

a 4

This is Trinity Church.

a 5

If you are interested in history, you should Google it.

a 6

Is that a European grackle… or a starling? I don’t know the birds in New York.

a 7

If you are a fan of Hamilton, the name Angelica Schuyler should be familiar to you.

a 8

A little plot of history, surrounded by now.

a 9

Most of these people are forgotten, but not all of them.

a 10

I poked my head inside the church, but there was a service going on, so I made it fast.

a 11

Maybe a little too fast.

a 12

Okay, so it is an old church.

a 13

And some old tombstones. like that one over there, where Hamilton is buried.

a 14

Why should you care? Maybe you don’t.

a 15

But it’s my blog. Ha!



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