I might be a ceramic-glazing idiot savant…

a 1

I finally got to pick up the two bowls I made.

a 1

Remember, my daughter gave me ceramic lessons as a substitute Christmas gift because the glass-blowing studio shut down.

a 13

And then, after they were kiln fired, I went a little crazy on the glazing, not knowing how it would turn out.

a 2


a 3

They turned out freekin’ awesome!!!

a 4

I took the first pictures in the shade, because look what happens in the sunlight!

a 5

Whole new layers of colors appear.

a 6

They might be a tad primitive, but I think of that as being a good thing. Ceramics let people carry and store and and cook and eat things they couldn’t before. It is one of our earliest, most useful inventions.

a 7

China advanced that knowledge to some incredible levels, making porcelain you could see through.

a 8

When I did the blacksmithing, I was working with fire and air and metals and minerals. Glass blowing felt the same way. Now, I was working with earth. I mean, these were basically mud when we started.

a 9

To make the elements dance for you is amazing.

a 10

You can’t just force air and water and fire and minerals and metals and earth to do things for you.

a 11

You have to romance them into it.

a 12

I honestly had no idea if these would be any good at all. But I am very happy. I might have to do it again, now that I know a little about how the glazes work together.

a 13

So thanks, Jessica. Also, I might get out my digital microscope and take a really close look at my glazing genius!

a 14

Jessica’s bowls came out very nice as well. Her mom did the glazing, because Jess is back in Mew York.


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2 Responses to I might be a ceramic-glazing idiot savant…

  1. Art, you are in no way an idiot! Goofy, strange, eclectic – yes. But not an idiot. And very nice ceramic work, by the way!

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