Wet webs and digital magic… part 8…

a 2

I call that one; ‘I heart wet webs’. I had mirror-imaged it, and noticed the heart, but I had to flip the entire image on its side to make the heart face the right way.

a 3

Silly drunk spiders.

a 4

Web face.

a 5

It reminds me of chameleon’s eye. I call the one; ‘A reptile dysfunction’.


And there you have the secret of how I get the webs wet with fake dew. I know, I have been telling you that I use a small misting spray bottle. But I actually take the entire web down, holding it very carefully, and dip it into the magic pond in my garden. I call that one; ‘Really wet web’.

And lastly, the original photo I took that I used for all the other images in this post…

a 1


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8 Responses to Wet webs and digital magic… part 8…

  1. yamey says:

    Great photography!

  2. bwcarey says:

    a spiders tale, no flies on you, that’s for sure, great post

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