So, yeah, I almost stepped on that last night at work… in the dark…

a 1

That thing is bigger than my hand… and I have big hands… unlike someone I could mention… HA!

a 2

Before that happened, it was a lovely sunset.

a 3

Later, I walked outside, into a dimly lit area behind one of the buildings I work in. I saw something moving by my foot. I thought it was a leaf blowing in the breeze. A really big leaf.

a 4

Then I realized that there was no breeze.

a 5

I know they aren’t really dangerous. There is just something about a spider that big that is inherently creepy.

a 6

Ahhhh… soothing, tranquil sunset.


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4 Responses to So, yeah, I almost stepped on that last night at work… in the dark…

  1. List of X says:

    Maybe this is another branch of your security service of that place you guard – I bet spiders that big will scare off intruders just as easily as you would. (Probably even more effectively).

  2. They grow big in Texas, too! As scary as they look, most spiders – including tarantulas – aren’t aggressive. They’ll only attack if provoked or threatened – unlike many humans who’ll often attack if they get their feelings hurt. Were you barefoot? When I was about 10, I sat on a scorpion one Saturday morning. Yes, it stung me, but I recovered quickly.

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