Is that a skeletal hand reaching for the moon???… (or); more random pictures for you to look at while I put the finishing touches on my latest novel…

a 1

I am still playing around with the camera on my new phone, taking lots of pictures. I love that one.

a 2

I mean, it isn’t really that interesting when you do it right. Sometimes art is about doing it wrong.

a 3

Or just experimenting, like this reflection of the moon in two windows.

a 4

Taking selfies with the sunset behind you is always tricky.

a 5

You get a totally different outcome, depending on what you focus on.a 6

There’s my hawk buddy!

a 7

If you look closely, you will see the face of the ogre king on the left side of that cloud.

a 8

Okay, that is just a moon with a halo, but I like the angles of the building at the bottom.

a 9

Reflections of a tree at twilight.

a 10

I just like the way the middle row of windows is sort of purple.

a 11

The spectral exit… an exit sign inside a room, with cloud reflections on the glass.

a 12

And, as long as these all seem to be taken at work, here is one sunset picture.

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