The last picture show… part 1…


These days, everyone has a cell phone, and the cell phones all have cameras. Unfortunately, this means that many of us are capturing the last moments of our lives, recorded in digital perpetuity.

I have managed to track down a site on the dark web where some sick, morbid bastard is cataloging these grim photos… and I have taken the trouble of combing each set into a small video clip… or GIF… or whatever you computer savvy people call these little movies.

This is not because I am also a sick, morbid bastard. I just have a slightly twisted sense of humor, and crack squirrels living in my head.

These are the last images taken by Sir Monty ‘Python’ Chewdon, who was on safari in Botswana at the time of his unfortunate demise. He wanted to get close to nature. I think he got his wish.

And trust me, as horrendous as these images might be, I did spare you from having to look at the pictures taken by Lady Chewdon, the safari guide, and the rest of the people on the safari. Those were really horrific.

But, as my mother always says; ‘Nature in the wild is seldom mild’!

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7 Responses to The last picture show… part 1…

  1. Sometimes that one little cell gets into the gene pool when the lifeguard isn’t looking.

  2. I’ve always admired your creativity. Kudos!!!

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