Stick together… part 12…

b 6 copy

I know, I know, I am stuck on this yoga part of my series where I take images from Google and copy part of it, flip it over, and do a mirror image thing… which is ironic, being stuck on something, given the name of this series…

b 6

But the thing is… hey, thing, haven’t seen you around here lately!… that this is just so fun to do, and I never know how the images will end up.

b 7 copy

I think the part I like so much is deciding exactly where to select on the image for the best result.

b 7

The possibilities are endless, and they are all amusing in their own way. Sometimes, I do it a bunch of times, deleting the new layer and trying again, to make it just a little more weird.

b 8 copy

I will leave you with the original image below, for anyone who cares.

b 8

And I swear, I am only doing one more doubles yoga post, before I move on to other things.


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