Muchas classy glass… part 1…

a 1

Okay, I know I already posted a bunch of super-close-up-macro photos of the projects I made when I took that glass blowing class… and, yes, I realize that the title of this series is a stretch, even if you do speak some Spanish… but there is a twist this time.

a 2

You see, this time, I was really still just trying to figure out which of the three macro lenses gets the best results… and I suddenly remembered something my wife got me when we were in Maui. It was a glass jellyfish, encased in a flat-bottomed glass teardrop, the shape and size of which reminded me of my paperweight, the first project I made… yes, this one…

z 50

So anyway, after taking a couple of photos…

a 3

Just as a test, you know…

a 4

That is when I remembered the jellyfish… which came with a little stand that you can plug in, and it has LED lights on the top that change color. It makes the jellyfish look really cool, and I wondered, what would happen if I put the paperweight on it…

a 5

And I have to say, the results were spectacular.

a 6

Not only does it fill the glass with an unearthly, ethereal glow, but the colors change, so I could take two or three pictures in the same place, and they would all be different… which I did, as you will see in the next few posts in this series.

Also, try saying ‘unearthly ethereal glow’ five times really fast.

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