Stand out… part 1…

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I have decided to initiate a conversation about what it takes to stand out… set yourself apart from the herd… in modern life. I am going to also be using some pictures where I use Photoshop to remove the color from all parts of some images except for one, as a sort of digital art metaphor for this discussion.

And I am not talking about standing out by being the loudest, or the most successful. Or by copying the styles of others. This isn’t about wearing your pants lower than the other guys in your high school, or wearing the dress higher than the other girls in your high school. It is about being you, but doing it with style… your own style.

So please, chime in, tell us what makes you unique. Or ways that you perhaps fall short in this area of your life. Let’s have a conversation.

I will keep doing this until the crack squirrels that live in my skull get bored, those delightful, furry, little brain parasites that make me one of a kind.

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4 Responses to Stand out… part 1…

  1. It's Complicated says:

    I don’t wanna stand out! Not anymore! Have no problem speaking before large crowds, though. Or after them.

    Your pal, Jenny from Twittherd

  2. MomzillaNC says:

    What makes me unique? I am as you find me, always. No masks… no prevaricating… no pretense.

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