A closer look… part 16… no fancy filters, just tiny bubbles… and huge dust…

a 1

I am still playing around with those macro lens filters loaned to me by my son-in-law, which, I remind you, don’t have lenses in them, they just move the lens inside your camera and the one on the regular attachment further apart. I am trying to figure out which size macro lens… or non-lens… is my favorite.

a 2

I took all these with the 36 mm one, which is the biggest. Tomorrow, I will try one of the other ones again. I have three sizes.

a 3

I didn’t use any artistic digital filters on any of these images. Fell free to guess what they are photos of.

a 4

I am still learning stuff… like the fact that if there is any dust or dirt on the object you are taking photos of, you can see it all.

a 5

And you do have to manually adjust your focus. No auto focus with macro photography.

a 6

I think I am getting better. These are at least as good as the flower pictures I started off with… except for the dirt, I mean.

a 7

The problem is, I dusted the outside of the object in question, but then took some shots of the inside, near the top… which I didn’t dust. I do love the tiny bubbles though!

a 8

Imperfections and all, the world, when viewed close up, is a magical place.

a 9

If you guessed that these were all photos of that first vase I made at my glass blowing class, you win a free, all expense paid visit… to my blog.


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