A closer look… part 5…

a 1

More photos of… uh… stuff… followed by cropped and enhanced versions of the each photo, done in Photoshop.

a 1 copy

Yup, that is the same leaf. I am coming to appreciate the ‘vibrancy’ filter in Photoshop.

a 2

I still think I could all this without the macro lens spacer things. Maybe I will try doing that after I get done with doing this. I am just trying to decide if I need to buy some of them.

a 2 copy

But I do like the super close up pictures, even when they are blurry.

a 3

Our couch.

a 3 copy

An even closer look at our couch.

a 4

The couch again… complete with dog and cat hairs… only from straight above, instead of slightly angled.

a 4 copy

You are going to get sick of this before I do… HA!

a 5

The glass top of a table out in our yard.

a 5 copy

ZZZZZOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM… oooohhhh… I know… let’s play a game later, where you see close ups of stuff, and you have to guess what they are.

a 6

Another rug.

a 6 copy

I brightened that one up a bit, after cropping. Doing this sort of makes you want to vacume and dust more often.


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