A closer look… part 3…

a 1

More of the photos I took with those crazy lens-spacing macro adapter lens thingies. The ones I borrowed from my son-in-law. And yes, I do grow orchids, and yes, they keep on blooming.

a 2

That flower has a tiny flower inside it… which seems to have a tiny flower inside of it.

a 3

Now, we all know that I love flowers and taking pictures of flowers, but that right there is the leaf of a succulent plant.

a 4

Tiny little spider webs.

a 5

And an ivy leaf.

a 6

I will now share three photos of one of my orchid flowers. This is to demonstrate how small the field of focus is when you take these macro zoom photos.

a 7

Only a small area is actually in focus. This is tricky, especially if anything… like the flower or my hands on the camera… are moving at all.

a 8

I am starting to wonder if I could achieve these same images using the camera without the macro spacer lens thingies. Just back it up a little. Or maybe use my telephoto zoom lens from even further away. Also, the pictures on my camera save at only 72 DPI… which I could probably change if I wanted to… but they are also saved at like 72 inches across in width. This means I could crop a lot of the photo and still have the in-focus part. Tomorrow is a day off, and I am going to try playing with that. Also, I intend to take pictures of lots of random objects with interesting texture.

So, uh, see you tomorrow.


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