Two of my newest creations from my glass blowing class…

a 1

I have finished the classes for now. Here are two of my latest pieces of art… or pieces of Art, as it were.

a 2

I did not take a picture of the vase I made for my older daughter… the one who got me my first glass blowing lesson for Father’s Day… because she reads the blog now and then, and she is getting it for Christmas. But here is my fire bowl, and a new vase I made that matches the decor of our remodeled house. Hopefully, my wife will let me keep it… in the house… instead of the garage, where most of my art ends up. I am giving it to her for Christmas… but she doesn’t read the blog. HA!

a 3

I am very excited about the fire bowl. I was getting too caught up in the vases.

a 4

I think the colors really worked. You can see the colors I used in that last post, the one about how glass blowing is done. I like the shape too. My very first bowl. I had to hang the gathering rod straight down, and twirl it really fast, to let the weight of the hot glass widen the bowl shape out.

a 5

And the simple, gray and white scheme on the little vase should work in our house.

a 6

And I tried something new on the top edge of the vase too.

a 7

Instead of pulling the edge out into leaf shapes like I have been doing, I pulled out less neck, and then used the tongs to do a rounded-off, square lip. Sort of simple, yet a little elegant, if I do say so myself.

a 8

All in all, I loved learning yet another form of artistic expression. And, as always happens with my all-art-side-of-the-brain brain, I could have gone off in a million directions.

a 9

But I am seriously considering taking a ceramics class next.


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14 Responses to Two of my newest creations from my glass blowing class…

  1. Art, I hope you don’t mind me posting this link to your blog. But the “Dallas Morning News” recently published a story about a local glass artist, Jim Bowman.

  2. Both of those are beautiful, Art, but the fire bowl is wickedly cool!

  3. Anyone would think you were an artist…

  4. Lucy Brazier says:

    These are seriously good, you know.

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