Some pictures from my third… and final… glass blowing class… the final chapter…

a 1

How do you add colors to glass? Well, it turns out that you roll the hot glass in various chemicals and compounds, and then melt them into it.  The colors stretch and move as the glass is worked. Here we see the colors I laid out for my ‘flame bowl’ project. I will show you a picture of the finished flame bowl later on today.

a 2

But this is what it looked like before we finished shaping it. This is also a good picture of some of the many tools associated with glass work. We are rounding the glass in the big wooden ladle. Below is a big, flat piece of wood I called ‘the pizza spatula’, used for flattening the bottoms of things that need to be flattened on the bottom. There are the tongs, or tweezers, that come in all sizes, used for much of the shaping. There are also a pair of snips that can do lots of interesting things. These are just a few of the many tools that can be used.

a 3

Here is my teacher, Megg, gathering some more glass glass onto my biggest project. She is dripping off the extra glass into a water bucket.

a 5

I wish I could afford a bunch more lessons, so I could experiment with dribbling glass onto other glass. I had so many ideas, and so little time.

a 4

I forget why she was doing this instead of me. Maybe I let her do it so I could take the pictures.

a 6

There is a good shot of the cooling fountain, where water is used to cool down the gathering rod.

a 7

a 8

a 9

Okay, I shared those just for fun. I took three quick pictures with my phone, right in a row. The phone tried to adjust for the bright glow, and all three pictures came out just a little different.

a 10

I don’t know if I actually explained glass working and glass blowing in a way that gave you an idea of how it works. I was lucky enough, a few years ago, to go to Venice and see the glass workers in shops that were hundreds of years old. Maybe you can Google some videos if you want to know more.

Later on, I will post the photos of my newest glass pieces.



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