Some pictures from my third… and final… glass blowing class… part 1…

a 1

There I am, with my teacher, Megg… who is totally cool. Taking a selfie while working with molten glass is not for the faint of heart. Here you see us, with a huge blob of hot glass on the end of the long, hollow, blowing tube. We are using a rounded ladle-type thing, constantly dipped in water to keep it from catching fire, to round the outside of my latest project, while rolling the tube on these two metal tracks. You have to keep the glass moving and twirling, or it runs like really hot honey. I can’t pick the newest ones up until tomorrow… (literally)… They are slowly cooling in the annealing oven.

a 2

I got to class early, so I could wander around and take some photos.

a 3

Obviously, some people have taken more than three classes.

a 4

Just sayin’.

a 5

The glass blowing studio is in this weird, artsy compound. There is a cute little garden in back.

a 6

They do other artistic things in this little colony of artistic expression.

a 7

There is also a ceramics studio… which, I guess I will have to try next, now that I have done the glass blowing… and blacksmithing…

a 8

Because that is what I need… another kind of art project.

a 9

There is also a woodworking area, but I already carve tikis… so… uh… yeah.

Okay, join me tomorrow for some more pictures of the glass blowing process, as well as some pictures of my newest work!



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