My newest glass blowing projects…

i 1

These are my two newest vases. They are going to be Christmas presents. Good thing my family doesn’t read my blog. HA!

i 2

The one on the left was going to be for my older daughter, Jessica. She wanted a gold vase. I mixed tangerine and saffron. It came out orange and yellow. I will try to do better when I go back for my last class this afternoon.

i 3

I know, this one looks a lot like the very first vase I made… same blue and green color scheme, same pulled-out top. But this one, I put the blue on the bottom and the green on top instead of mixing them. It should look cool with the blue where the water is and the green where the plants come out. And the top is supposed to look like leaves.

i 4

I love the warm colors on this one… but it doesn’t go with everyone’s decor.

i 5

But, once again, I don’t totally suck at glass blowing.

i 6

I should be able to make three more vases today… in my two-hour class. I did make one other thing last time, but it is for my wife, and I am keeping it under wraps. I will take a photo after Christmas.

i 7

Glass is awesome. It really is like working with molten honey. Fun and a little scary at the same time.

i 8

The little one does lean to the side a little… but it looks awesome.

i 9

And yes, I do plan to do some fun, artistic things with some of these photos.


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8 Responses to My newest glass blowing projects…

  1. Jane Gealy says:

    Beautiful, I hope the recipients enjoyed them. My partner and I attended a glass blowing workshop a few years ago, we blew (is that the correct terminology?) our own Christmas bauble. It’s like a gift that goes on giving; every year we open the box, remove the tissue paper and marvel at our creations. I’m sounding soppy, but if you can’t be soppy when talking about Christmas, when can you be?

  2. The orange vase is awesome; I would change my decor to suit that bad boy.

  3. List of X says:

    Wasn’t this class a present from somebody? If so, it’s very appropriate to use the class to make presents for others.
    So to say, blowing it forward.

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