Doh! A deer! A female deer!

a 1

I shot these photos from the deck of my mom’s house.

a 2

I love that the small town where I grew up, in the hills just North of Berkeley, is so full of animals.

a 3

So far we have seen the possum, the raccoons, and now, some deer.

a 4

I also saw some wild turkeys, but I didn’t have the camera ready.

a 5

Throw in all the squirrels and birds, and you have quite a menagerie.

a 6

Not everybody likes the deer. They eat peoples’ plants.

a 7

They don’t eat that regular grass and forest debris. They are the yuppie foodie deer.

a 8

I might as well throw in a couple pictures of last night’s sunset.

a 9


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7 Responses to Doh! A deer! A female deer!

  1. Here in Northeast Texas we have a deer problem, too – along with bobcats and coyotes. The problem, of course, is that people are building further and further into wilder areas. They want to get away from the hubbub of cities like Dallas and Fort Worth and enjoy the solitude offered by more rural settings. Then they’re startled (annoyed) when wild animals have the audacity to show up on their perfectly-manicured lawns. Bunch of dumb asses! (People, not the animals!)

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