So, about that puppy… (or): a cute puppy and an ugly foot…

a 1

It occurred to me that I never finished telling the story about the puppy that we got… sort of. No, I don’t mean I sort of forgot to tell the story, I mean we sort of got a puppy. I have been busy getting Mollie moved of to college. There is the new puppy, Koa, playing with our dog, Shiloh.

a 2

The reason I say we sort of got a puppy is because technically, he belongs to Dashawn, Mollie’s boyfriend, who is still living with us.

a 3

He said he would do all the work. That turned out about like you would expect with an 18-year-old. HA! But I did tell him that, if he ever breaks Mollie’s heart, the ownership of the dog reverts to me. He hasn’t signed the official document yet. I think he thinks I am just kidding about that part. I’m not.

a 4

Anyway, I spend more time with Koa than he does… and Koa loves me… so…

a 5

A cute puppy snuggling with my ugly, size 15 foot. Now that, my friends, is love.

a 6

So Dashawn got the puppy from some friends of his. And the thing is… (hey, thing, where have you been?)… that they had a few more puppies, and Dashawn’s mom got one. Koa’s sister, Nala.

a 7

So now and again, the siblings get to play.

a 8

I think Nala is harder on Koa than our dog, Shiloh, who is very gentle and sweet.

a 9

Nala is not as sweet as she looks. Okay, more puppy pictures later.



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4 Responses to So, about that puppy… (or): a cute puppy and an ugly foot…

  1. lifeofliz322 says:

    OH MY GOSH! Two of our dogs look exactly like that! Such cute pictures!:)

  2. Yeah, more puppy pictures! And leave the damn foot out of them, too! It sort of ruins the ambience of the photo.

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