Celebrity spotting at Comic Con… part 5… the entire cast of Westworld!

a 1

If you aren’t watching this show on HBO, then you probably won’t care about this post.

a 2

I am and I do.

a 3

Ha… ghost head. Maybe you saw the original movie from way back in the… I want to say 1970s.

a 4

If nothing else, this series of photos, as I made way slowly by the actors at very close range, show how well my tip… (in an earlier post)… for how to get close to the celebrities, actually works.

a 5

And I do highly recommend this show.

a 6

It’s science fiction… with android cowboys.

a 7

To be more precise, it is about a vacation resort where people can live out a fantasy life in the Wild West.

a 8

But a real dark, gritty, hookers and murder kind of a fantasy. I mean, you are only supposed to shoot the robots, which isn’t technically murder… but, hey, stuff happens.

a 9

Oh man, that guy is such a good actor. He was awesome in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, as a prohibition era gangster.

a 10

Notice how I am working my way along the front edge of the huge crowd of gawkers, but just behind the idiots who spent all day in line getting wrist bands so they could get an autograph. They missed so much other stuff. This strategy really pays off.

a 11

You can almost reach out and touch the famous people.

a 12

But don’t do that… especially to Ed Harris… he will bite your arm right off. See him over there, to the left?

a 13

Once again, I was switching between my camera and my phone, so I could text the pictures to people.

a 14

I know… but I hate to waste a good photo.

a 15

Yeah, yeah, almost done… keep your pants on.

a 16

Okay, just one more…

a 17

Of Mr. Ed Freekin’ Harris!





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2 Responses to Celebrity spotting at Comic Con… part 5… the entire cast of Westworld!

  1. I highly recommend people watch the 1973 original with Yul Brynner. I hate that Hollywood keeps rehashing old movies and even TV shows. It seems they’ve either run out of fresh ideas, or too lazy to take a chance on new projects. In one of writing groups on Linked In a few years ago, that subject came up. I told everyone that, if the American entertainment community would look to new sources for screenplays and teleplays, our group alone would provide them with enough material to last to the end of this century.

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