Celebrity spotting at Comic Con… part 2… I saw… uh… that girl… who, supposedly, is Supergirl…

a 1

Yes, I saw her… and no, I have no idea what her name is. I don’t watch Supergirl, the TV show. I could have Googled it and seemed like I knew what I was talking about, but I didn’t.

a 2

I am just working my way up to the celebrities that I got really excited about. I like that picture. I don’t know what she is so happy about, but security guy number one has his eye on me, and security guard number two seems to be in a daze.

a 3

I also saw these people… who are in the same show… I assume…

a 4

But I really only knew they were in that show because of the sign above them… which had the blond girl in it… wearing a Supergirl costume…  beside the word ‘Supergirl’.

a 5

Okay, see that crowd? I just remembered I was going to give you some more tips on how to spot celebrities if you ever end up at Comic Con. This really worked for me. Yes, you can stand in line for four hours to get a wrist band to stand in line for another two hours, just to get an autograph. That sort of locks you into a whole day spent trying to see one group of celebrities.

All you have to do is wander around, having fun. But make sure that every once in a while, you wander by the little stages set up by either Marvel Comics, or any of the big studios that make movies and television shows. When you see a crowd like that, with everyone holding their cameras and their phones above their heads, you know their are famous people in the front of that crowd.

a 6

I don’t know who those people are. This is before I figured out what to do, and I was way in the back. But, while you try to figure out who those people are, here is the secret. The stages will consist of an outer ring of milling people getting bad pictures. Inside that ring is a double row of security people. Inside that is a line of people who waited to get wrist bands so they could get autographs.

Go to the isle behind the stage, where the line for the autograph people starts. Wiggle your way between them and the security people. Now, slowly start shuffling forward. You will be inching by right in front of the security guys, who will be telling everyone to ‘keep moving, take a photo and keep moving’. You are now in front of the big, milling crowd of people… like you see above…

a 7

Before you know it, if you time your pictures correctly between the security people and the autograph seekers, you will be getting good photos of really famous people… like that guy… whom we will get to in an upcoming post.


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