So… about that bad back thing…

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I told you that my back is all messed up. I also told you that they gave me some kind of anxiety reducing medicine instead of a muscle relaxer. So here is my question. If you take an anxiety med that makes you fell nauseous, isn’t that sort of self-contradictory? I mean, what makes you feel more anxious than feeling like you might throw up all day long?

I am screwed. I know, that isn’t a picture of me feeling screwed, it is me getting hammered … but I don’t have a picture of me getting screwed. This isn’t that kind of a blog.


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4 Responses to So… about that bad back thing…

  1. Lucy Brazier says:

    Aw. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Can you get some hydrocodone? That’s the only thing that truly works for me, when it comes to pain killers. Here in Texas, though, we’re limited to 30 pills / month.

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