I finished my latest novel… part 1…

seven kingdoms map copy

Some of you may recall that I was posting chapters of my newest novel, The Seven Kingdoms, as I was writing it… it is still there, the parts I posted, at least, under the button labeled: The Seven Kingdoms, in my top bar up at the top of the blog. It isn’t all there. I need to sell my books sooner or later, but the unedited, first two-thirds are there.

I have done my first self-edit. I am going to self-publish it before too long, and I will start sending samples to literary agents soon. So far, I have gotten a lot of ‘no’ replies to my self-illustrated children’s books, my action/humor sci-fi series, and the murder mystery set in World War Two London.

Starting tomorrow, I am going to begin working on the cover for The Seven Kingdoms, right here on the blog. I will show you step by step how I am going to do the cover art, like I did with the murder mystery. This time, I used my younger daughter, Mollie, as a model for the main character.

Don’t get confused when I start showing the photos. She will look more like a soldier than a princess. But don’t worry, we can fix that in Photoshop. I mean, she will still look like a soldier, because, in the book, they are fighting a war… but more like a soldier on a made-up world.

Oh, and I will also be working on that map up there too. I just did that quick water color map while I was writing the book, to get in the mood. But if I can fix it up, I might put it in the book.


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6 Responses to I finished my latest novel… part 1…

  1. thebookthief says:

    Congrats.. 😇😇😇

  2. Lucy Brazier says:

    This is exciting news, Arthur! Congrats on finishing the latest book, a massive achievement. I am very excited to see how you do the cover art. Good luck with the literary agents, they’re all bastards 🙂

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