Wait… what the heck is that???

a 4

That, my fine, feathered friends, is a cat… seriously, you never saw a cat before? Oh, you mean the ramp thing? That is a long story. So, my daughter got a cat. Her name is Cleo, which may or may not be short for Cleopatra… no, silly, the cat is named Cleo, not my daughter, she is named Mollie. Try to pay attention.

“But Arthur”, I hear at least one of you saying… (which explains the quotation marks)… “you already have a dog!” I know we do, because I do pay attention. But we also have rats… no… not the cute pet ones… (which you can get for very little money, and probably save them from being eaten by pet snakes)… but the kind that crawl along our fence in the backyard every night, and have also taken up residence in the garage. The bad kind of rat… Don’t get me wrong, I love rats, and had them as pets when I was younger. You can train them to come when you call, they have hands… and I defy you to buy a pet with hands for 50 cents… and they will ride around in your pocket of on you shoulder… like a parrot…  which cost way more than 50 cents… oh, and did you know that a rat’s nose can distinguish individual molecules of scent???

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So, that should explain the ferocious, rat-eating feline. The ramp is because, as we have already determined, we also have a dog. A dog that likes to chase things, but can’t climb fences… if she could, we wouldn’t need a cat.

Anyway, you can’t just introduce a cat and a dog by putting them snout to snout. It takes finesse… especially when the dog is a chaser, and has lived as the only pet in our house for years. So, Mollie’s boyfriend built this thing…

a 7

It is a cat ramp that will someday allow Cleo to leave Mollie’s room at night and kill hundreds of rats. But it will also let us introduce the dog to her while she is protected, and has a place to run if it doesn’t go well. How cool is that?


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2 Responses to Wait… what the heck is that???

  1. Al says:

    You just had to ramp up the cutesiness didn’t you?

    And that is fantastic. I love it.

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