My daughter, keepin’ it classy, on her first day as a married woman…

a 1

No, that isn’t her new husband, that is their friend, Andrew, who performed the ceremony… try to keep up. At least we used the fancy, crystal decanter and glass set, that came with the house we rented.

a 2

Once again, I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to extend the wedding day into a whole, weekend-long party. You need time for the afterglow.

a 3

Of course, by the last day, the day after the wedding, exhaustion and alcohol are taking their toll… people get a little weird.

a 4

But I think we all now know why Andrew has such a handsome boyfriend… HA!

a 5

Why is Jessica using her sister’s boyfriend as a couch cushion? Once again, alcohol and exhaustion. Mollie seems amused, as does my brother, Henry.

a 6

Two young couples, madly in love… another wedding in our future? Perhaps.

a 7

But let me recover from this one first. The happy couple is now in Nantucket, after a brief stop in Boston. They are having a good time. Let’s not overthink that.


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6 Responses to My daughter, keepin’ it classy, on her first day as a married woman…

  1. Art runs in the family after all, as well as it pours out.

    How does this make you feel -with the weddings???

  2. List of X says:

    Nantucket? In April? That’s an unusual place for a honeymoon.

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