And we met a famous owl… with his own Instagram page…

a 1

This is Zeus, another of the animals we met when we took Mollie to an animal rescue center in Los Angeles for her special 18th birthday surprise.

a 2

There is my daughter, Mollie, on the right, and the nice girl who gave us our special tour, and introduced us to all the animals. As we were getting ready to leave, our guide said she had one more special animal we could meet… and owl named Zeus. Mollie lit up again as something clicked in her head. She started asking about stars in the owl’s eyes, and I got confused.

a 3

None of us knew that there was a famous owl that lived as this animal sanctuary, but Mollie actually follows Zeus on Instagram. Zeus is completely blind, and there is something about his eyes, a byproduct of the blindness. Zeus has stars in his eyes.

a 4

Don’t get too excited about these pictures, because I didn’t manage to capture this phenomenon with my camera. You have to Google Zeus, and look at some of the pictures on the internet… it is crazy.

a 5

If you take a good closeup in the right light, there is a constellation of stars in Zeus’s eyes.

a 6

He is a beautiful little owl, with splendid feathers, and we all got to pet him.

a 7

But you should really Google Zeus the owl.



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2 Responses to And we met a famous owl… with his own Instagram page…

  1. List of X says:

    Ok, owl google it.

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