The ZOOm chronicles… part 4…




The San Diego zoo has quite a lot of them. There are two huge walk-through aviaries, and numerous ponds and enclosures.


And birds are pretty awesome… descendants of ancient reptiles that traded in their scales for feathers.


And those feathers come in an astonishing range of colors and shapes… like that guy… who looks like he got snowed on.


That guy was all like, hey, don’t pay any attention to that stupid duck… use your fancy zoom lens on me!


I could relate to that.


And the zoom lens is fun to use on birds.


I am always trying to frame that perfect shot… no… don’t worry about how much I cropped from each image, or how many digital images I discarded…


Just enjoy the pretty pictures.


I think I get a photo of that guy every time I go to the zoo.


Yes, the flowers do make you look more fancy.




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6 Responses to The ZOOm chronicles… part 4…

  1. Snowed on…pooped on more like! And what’s all this talk of scales turning to feathers?! Them’s heathens words!

  2. Natty Kish says:

    Wow !! great click …. Now it’s your turn please visit a mobile photography blog

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