Oh, and I totally forgot to show you those pictures of my little cousin…

a 1

That is my little cousin, Clark. You might remember him from the pictures I shared of last Christmas at my mom’s house in the Bay Area. He is getting really big.

a 2

I took these at my brother’s house, at the Super Bowl party… right after the romantic weekend my wife and I spent at that awesome hotel, and the surprise party we all threw her for her birthday… which explains why there were still family members from far away floating around San Diego.

a 3

So these really are the last photos of that weekend… just so you know…

a 4

That is Jason… the guy who just got engaged to my older daughter, in case you forgot about that.

a 5

Not everybody is interested in appearing in my blog, so these are all you get.

a 6

So… I guess it’s back to the silly Barbie pictures… at least until the crack squirrels living in my head move on to something else… And remember, this is an interactive blog… so if you have some idea for the Barbie posts… some kind of Barbie doll that you really want to see… let me know.

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6 Responses to Oh, and I totally forgot to show you those pictures of my little cousin…

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Clark is adorable. Runs in the family.

  2. axiomaticentity says:

    how about hillbilly barbie?

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