Well, I don’t usually give advice to the Commander in Chief and the Joint Chiefs of Staff… but here’s an idea…

Instead of dropping bombs on these ISIS guys… or ISIL… is it ISIL now??? Isn’t that one of the kids in The Sound Of Music movie???… but, why don’t we try dropping Big Macs on them instead?

a 1 a 1

I know, it sounds like a crazy idea at first… most of my ideas seem crazy at first, and it isn’t until later, after much careful reflection, that you realize that only some of them are crazy, but others are actually a rare type of brilliant… and no, it isn’t my job to figure out which is which… that’s what you are all here for.

But think about it. Dropping burgers on people will make them much less angry than dropping bombs on them. It could even be considered a humanitarian gesture.

The thing is… and this a pretty good thing, even for one of my things…  that these are McDonald’s Big Macs… and they are just as deadly as any bomb… it just takes longer for the death to occur.

And in the meantime, the ISIS terrorists will be too fat and lazy from chomping down those fat-laden, cholesterol-filled meat bombs… especially in that desert heat… to do much serious fighting. And particularly if we drop some of that new-fangled, legal-in-some-states medical/recreational marijuana with the Big Macs…. and some fries and huge drinks.

I’m just saying that there is more than one way to fight a war, and my way is cheaper… and slightly less morally repugnant.

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25 Responses to Well, I don’t usually give advice to the Commander in Chief and the Joint Chiefs of Staff… but here’s an idea…

  1. DitchTheBun says:

    Man I am hungry now and I don’t even like big macs.
    I am liking this idea. Very clever. Don’t drop drinks with it though, the amount of salt and sugar in those burgers will dehydrate them nicely 🙂

  2. Hmmmm … wait… do they even eat meat? I guess we could bun & soggy lettuce them to death…

  3. PorterGirl says:

    I would like someone to drop Big Macs on me please. I’m really hungry today.

  4. List of X says:

    I guess you never had a Big Mac dropped on your head as you plaintively stroll along the desert path while enjoying the sunset.

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