We went camping… part 5… (or); if you like old cars, you really want to look at this post…

The tractor and farm equipment museum we visited on our camping trip, the one that was having the festival, has quite a few old vehicles in its collection that aren’t strictly farm equipment. And people brought some awesome vehicles to the festival as well…

a 2Even if you aren’t particularly interested in cars, I think you can agree that they can be works of art in their own right.

a 1There is a certain something about some cars, the style, the flow of the lines, the craftsmanship.

a 3They are not only art, they are a part of our history.

a 4They remind us of days gone by, of simpler times.

a 5Cars are a huge part of the American psyche… they are part of our soul… our identity.

a 6Remember being a teenager and getting your first car? Of course, in those days, we had to work for it, and usually ended up getting some cheap piece of crap… kids these days… sheesh… get off my lawn and pull your dang pants up!

a 7And they really used to make cars better than they do now. There were no cheap plastic parts, no overly complicated computers.

a 8

Now that there is a classic gangster car from the prohibition era.

a 9You can just picture some of Al Capone’s thugs shooting their tommy guns out of the windows.

a 10I love it when history is still here.

a 11I love it that somebody saw the value and beauty of this vehicle and preserved it, or brought it back to life.

a 12Imagine what these cars have seen.

a 13Imagine the places these vehicles have been.

a 14They were all brand new at one time, the pride and joy of some proud owner.

a 15They drove people to weddings and on holidays.

a 17They hauled loads and did work.

a 18They helped people move across the country.

a 19They took people to new lives.

a 20Of all the old vehicles I saw that day, this might be my favorite. When Jed Clampett loaded up his truck and Moved to Beverley… Hills that is… swimmin’ pools… movie stars…

a 21This could just as well have been that vehicle.

a 22You know that thing took some people to some places, all right.

a 23Although that there motorcycle probably has a story or two to tell also.

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4 Responses to We went camping… part 5… (or); if you like old cars, you really want to look at this post…

  1. faeriefiles says:

    Wonderful collection of memories

  2. Paul says:

    Very cool Art.

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