It’s not a poem… it’s a song… I just haven’t recorded it, turned it into a cute video, and stuck it on my blog with my other songs yet…

Outward Bound


Well, they’re starting final countdown, and the seatbelt light is lit

Goodbye mother earth, I’m gonna miss you just a little bit

Well the stewardess is pretty and she brings me one more beer

As I was a last farewell, and I shed a final tear

And if you ever start to wonder… where I can be found…

I’m outward bound…   outward bound… (repeat X4)

I’m travelin’ 3rd class on this star liner, to space station one-sixty-three

Transfer to a deep space freighter, headed for the Dog Star colony

Gonna hitch a ride or work my, to the far frontiers of space

I guess you could say I’m resigning, as a member of the human race

If you ever think about me… and notice I ain’t been around…

I’m outward bound…  outward bound… (repeat X4)

Mother Earth, I’m going to miss you, I’ll miss your sunset-tinted skies

I’ll miss the smell of roses, I’ll miss the stillness at sunrise

I’ll miss dogs and cats and horses, I’ll miss the seagull’s lonely cries

I’ll miss the little babies, I’ll miss the magic in a child’s eyes

I’ll miss the pretty girls, I’ll miss love’s first sweet surprise

But I won’t miss the bloodshed, where it’s the innocent who dies

Won’t miss the rich getting richer, as they chase their golden prize

I won’t miss the politicians, telling us their lies

Or the way the treat you, Mother Earth, as if you’re something they despise…

I’m outward bound…   outward bound… (repeat X4)

So I’m sitting on this star ship, and I’m writing me this song

I’m gonna make my way to somewhere, ’cause it’s time to move along

I doubt I’ll ever make it back, to the place I once called home

I packed myself some bottles, I’ve got a long long way to roam

The engine started howling, it’s an awfully mournful sound

I’m outward bound…

Yeah, I’m leaving the planet of my birth, I’m leaving you, sweet Mother Earth

I’m outward bound…

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34 Responses to It’s not a poem… it’s a song… I just haven’t recorded it, turned it into a cute video, and stuck it on my blog with my other songs yet…

  1. Nurse Kelly says:

    Beautiful. So much for world domination. Maybe on another planet, right? I hope so, too.

  2. Al says:

    Singing that for ever more

  3. Trent Lewin says:

    Dude, seriously – you are a major talent. This is beyond excellent. Gave me a Bowie vibe, via Leaving on a Jet Plane.

    I think you need to record this!

  4. Paul says:

    Now that would be something I’d like to drive. Wheeeeeee!

    Cool poem/song Art.

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