Fawnya… Part 10…

We had some fun creating an alien from thin air. Now I have just been playing around with her coloring. As a side note, when the aliens do arrive, it is going to drive the racists insane. Which color of alien should they feel superior too?

a 1Okay, that might be a little over the top. She looks like she is going to a Grateful Dead concert. But hey, we have some pretty colorful animals here on Earth. This could be a display for attracting a mate, like a peacock’s tail or a baboon’s big red and blue butt. Or maybe she can change the colors like a chameleon. That is the fun of creating a new species. You get to play Mother Nature and go a little crazy.

The next step is to picture what the home planet of your alien looks like. I was going to use some of my paintings of alien landscapes for the background, but she blocked all my cool mountains with her wings, so I just stole some from Google images…

a 1 a

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2 Responses to Fawnya… Part 10…

  1. benzeknees says:

    I preferred yesterday’s coloring. I know it’s too late – it’s my fault because I got so far behind in my reading.

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