All About Me…

They say that people are either inclined towards the art or logic side of the brain…

I took a study skills class when I went back to take some college classes a few years ago. I thought that this would prove helpful, since I dropped out of high school in 1977. One of the things we did in this class was fill out a 200 page questionnaire that asked questions like; do you learn better listening to a live speaker or by reading the material? and; when cleaning a room, do you start in the middle, or at one edge, or just start picking things up? There were also many questions that were not so obviously oriented and much more random. Then, this survey, done by psychology majors, broke your life down into three sections involving work, play and life in general. There was a sliding bar graph for each section that would place you on the logic or art side of this scale, with ten points alloted to either side.

Now most people fall close to the middle on all three of the graph lines. People that are considered art side or logic side oriented would place with perhaps a 2 or 3 and a 4 or 5 on the appropriate side. Rarely you might get a 7 or 8. As far as I have been able to determine, I am the only person in the history of this test to get two 10s and a 9 on the art side. I am not just art side of the brain inclined, I am perversely incapable of accessing the logic side of the brain. All my life has been a struggle to come up with artistic solutions to logic problems. I do not do anything like normal people do. I am a freak of nature. But this does explain why I do not have my multiplication tables memorized. Or my own cell phone number. Oh well, nature gives with one hand and takes away with the other.

I am 51 years old. And I am an artist. Not that I make any money off my art, because that would require access to the logic side of my brain, I guess. I have been writing and drawing since I was a kid. Every project I begin opens up new avenues of art which I feel compelled to explore, so I do not always finish my projects, although I did just complete a science fiction novel which I have high hopes for. So to make a long story not much longer, I paint, draw, make tikis, do Photoshop, write poetry, fiction, non-fiction, play the guitar and write songs, make military models, and so on and so on…

Is it fun to be me? No. Is it fun to watch me being me? Sometimes…

So I am going to rip my brain and my heart open and share whatever pours out with you. I will perpetually Hari Kiri my guts out for you to sift through to find what nuggets of gold you may amongst the offal.  You might want to put on some gloves…and possibly rain boots as well…

I love you all…


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You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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72 Responses to All About Me…

  1. Mon says:

    Hmm…does this mean you’re a romanticist as well? 🙂

  2. emma says:

    I love your blog. And, I probably love you. I’ve always been into artists! Anyway, happy birthday (because you wanted everyone on the planet to randomly choose and read one of your blogs and comment. I read and commented on three because I figured some dumb, lazy ass somewhere in the world wouldn’t get the message.) I’m probably several months late, but, hey, I mean well. Thanks for all the laughs!

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  4. Gray Dawster says:

    Exploring the inner psyche is a fascinating quest as it offers a unique chance to probe deeper thus finding the necessary ingredients that builds our character, for some of us it is the artistic challenges that offer idiosyncratic elements while others simply enjoy the logistic arithmetical side but how amazing it would be to combine the two? Of course then we would be edging on genius but I don’t mind enjoying the artistry while logic adds depth to our challenges, I think that I will enjoy venturing through your Space. have a wickedly exciting evening my friend.

  5. ok – who you just described is someone familiar – not weird. I get all that. for real. right down to the part about not making any money on my art or writing – the inability to think logically – I think artfully when I am extremely emotional otherwise its straight emotion with glue and sometimes glitter – kind of well its kind of bipolar I think..
    At one point I had my own workshop with every craft I stumbled across I wanted to do – materials books..I made jewelry and quilts I paint and whatever strikes my fancy. So you ARE exceptional but I get it. 🙂

    • Glad to know I’m not alone.

      • no – if there is one thing I have learned on this blogging journey – if you are the way you are someone else is too… its comforting in some aspects, I suppose …I think we are all different races of aliens that were put here to see who survived the best… the aliens we come from might have been on the bottom of the food chain – not the fittest whatever but have intestinal fortitude and .. perseverance?. But there are much tougher species and I think sometimes this world is just too hard and painful for sensitive artistic types. I wanna go home….

        ok well I just made that up but it might have some merit don;t you think?

        • I sort of like that idea, even though it contradicts the idea in my novel.

          • does it? I have all the chapters in my email. I guess I really need to start catching up. Are you posting it as you write it or it is written and you are posting a chapter a day …. I know I know if I would read I would know the answer… so many words so little time..

            • It is done except I am changing the names… to protect the innocent… and doing a last edit, even though I suck at editing.

              • oooooo editing sucks, There are innocent? that;s really good of you to do. how long is it? I just saw that post about putting up two in a day – chapters – and that was the end of part 1 of 4? wow!
                that is so cool… for real

              • It was three chapters in a week instead of two, and we are getting close to the end of the first of four parts.

              • so you have been working on this a long time.. the link I sent you the other day… she is a class act, The first round of books she is d oing – there should be 20 is due out soon. I say unless you know what you are doing to publish this already…she is a publicist so there is marketing and stuff…see how it goes and if it goes smoothly ..Red is amazing – she does more in five minutes than I do in two weeks…
                editing, cover art, (would you do your own Im sure – and if you go this way and are wiling to trade some services – I am..doing cover art for some authors, Beta Reading the cost is low – she does them in groups to get a lower rate and well the first group is getting ready to go to print. You said earlier something about not don;t need to she knows and please…I would hate to see all your hard work end up not getting the attention it deserves because of publishing issues….dude I wish I could send you a pic of the cover art and inside art I did for her book… mine was not a huge book and I put my heart and soul into it – in case you are wondering why I am all of a suddem trying to convert you… its because I think your book is worth more than a second rate publishing…….

              • I haven’t even submitted it to anyone yet.

              • oh well …uh…get on it man!
                and just keep it in the back of your mind for a backup plan.. there all good. I have done my good deed for the day..I think.

              • Yes you have, thanks.

  6. Reblogged this on Pouring My Art Out and commented:

    This is where it all started… my very first real blog post.

  7. Lilly says:

    “I am perversely incapable of accessing the logic side of the brain.” I’m not copying Ginger’s comment but that part resonated most with me as well. I’d be interested in that test and I think you’ve just shed some light on why numbers and I don’t get along.

    I think I’m gonna like you. Unless you get freakishly weird from this post out.

  8. The Hobbler says:

    That is awesome. I want to take that test. I’m going to go read some more of your art now.

  9. GingerSnaap says:

    ‘I am perversely incapable of accessing the logic side of the brain’- Hey! Me tooooooooo!

  10. Dear pmao,
    Right, I’ve got my raincoat on, my umbrella up, my wellies on, my shovel at the ready, and I’m setting off. I should have brought my rope to tie round my waist and then to this first post so I can find my way back, but I forgot it. I may be some time …
    Love Dotty xxx

  11. AlphaBible says:

    Whoever blew up your blog to swim through this whole time tunnel thing should be ashamed, but at least it worked (zoom zoom zoom, and zoom again, but the mobile phone lobby must be lining your pockets with dirty engravings of your mother). And who knew how deep the rabbit hole would go?, or that we were supposed to start from this end my friend? Hey, back in the days before tunnel grates out from under a shopping center, there was a picture of Kilroy waiting for me! Kid gloves and Conan boots are great, but what about the flashlights, metal detectors, garden shovels, and that one big little sharpie? __,_n_,__

    • I am not quite sure what it is you are saying to me.

    • AlphaBible says:

      Reading back in your blog was an interesting voyage, and this end of the tunnel has now been tagged (~Kilroy was here). You already/later wrote about the funny money, but the phone thing is about the narrow width of your format (1G phones probably load quicker that way, especially with pictures, and more of them might work, but the desktop lobby is at least fencing around with you, in the vast beyond, with at least this one almighty veto pen). This is somewhat moot for me now, having accomplished the adventure, and it does add a certain underground element, but you could also be losing plenty of big screen readers (you still have more than me, and nothing was grainy, but yet it almost did wash me away). Along that line, noting that you often request technical feedback, what timezone are we in (USA?, another blog setting)?

      • You are so brilliant that I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what you are trying to say. I know we should never talk down to our audience, but with me it might be a good idea.
        Yes, I am in California…
        Thank you for digging into my…not grainy past?…
        I didn’t get the whole phone/big screen reference… I really am a computer moron…
        The funny money confused me a little as well, unless it referes to the pesos with my mom on them…

      • You have now captured my interest. I am now following you, like a cross between a lost puppy and future potential stalker. I will be digging into your past until I figure out what you are trying to tell me and what makes you tick… but not in a creepy way… I hope…(and so do you, no doubt)…

    • AlphaBible says:

      Okay, another computer thing, we now have two threads going at once (but never mind about stalking you for your twisted and split cranium in the first place). Not sure what format is best, even for my own blog, but just saying that yours is well worth dressing up on a little bit bigger plate (just food for thought, but probably did forget to pass the butter). You can try other themes to see how they’d look with your content without switching over until you’re satisfied, but nothing is wrong with the mineshaft motif either (as long as you intended an initially-offsetting perception). Artsy sites normally have both wide and high res formats (at once), but none even comes close to the wide-worldview of having Art himself (just peso yourself).

      • Please do not take this the wrong way…
        I feel like there are about 12 threads going here. I do not know which comments are in response to what I said when. I get that you are talking about my questions in regard to how my site looks. Is the res you mentioned something I can change? Like I can bump up resolution to make the art look better, or is this just a size thing? I know I should play with the look in general. I originally liked the clean simplicity of it, but having the sidebar at the bottom is annoying, as is the constant scrolling.
        Someone suggested a link on the first bit that takes you back to the beginning, and another one to bring you back. I don’t know how to do any of this stuff.
        I would love to have some of my original pictures move, and I am working on that.
        I did like the peso pun.

    • AlphaBible says:

      1. (resolution) ~depends on your theme, which you can change
      2. (size) of any single item, within theme limit(s), can also be set
      3. (opinion requested) use a big theme, and upload pix in full res
      4. (link between ends) am thinking that my direction was best, but know it’s not like reading a book, or like your earliest instructions, which I did not know about until near this earliest-in-time “end.”
      5. (original pictures move) assume you must mean from your earlier Disagreementality blog, but think mostly just link back to the original postings, e.g.
      6. (your worth in pesos) how can anyone, from the richest Bill Gates to the smallest independent investor, instantly increase their net worth and face value all at the same time? s… m… i…

      • It is like you are speaking a new language. I honestly believe you are underrating my stupidity. I know you are trying to help me. I know you are putting real thought into these replies.
        Wait, I see it now… these are answers in order to my questions…that helps a little.
        1-3 I get.
        number 4 I still can’t make out.
        The moving pictures I meant more like a very short video clip, or a slide show thing, where I can make one of my original pictures from photoshop move…like the samurai swinging the sword down in a chop over and over. Right up at the top of the page.
        I am ashamed to say I don’t even know what s…m…i…stands for, or the last one might make sense to me.

    • AlphaBible says:

      4a. (linking the ends) just don’t do it. only dogs and cats do that
      5a. (moving pictures) video and animation are not my area, but you can “embed” most video links in square brackets [and it will display right there]. Vimeo is probably best, or else YouTube, or even with extra bandwidth from WordPress if you pay extra. Some themes allow various types of slideshows, and almost any picture anywhere can be animated, e.g. Photoshop, or various utilities. Just do not animate Conan or the seasick unicorn.
      6a. (s… m… i…) l… e…

      • What about Conan ON a sea sick unicorn?

      • AlphaBible says:

        the world isn’t ready, but Art defines this beautiful reunion
        as it was in the beginning, so it shall be

        • I appreciate the thought. I am confused about the link to my own site. I always feel like you are three steps ahead of me. I am going to dig through your past today and find out what makes you tick. My one consolation is that I believe you are smarter than everybody else, not just me.

        • I figured out what this is like. You have taken pity on a poor, mentally impoverished waif, and in your kindness wish to give him aid.
          The only problem in this case is that the aid you are giving me is a little like giving a brand new jet airplane to a starving Ethiopian farmer. He would, of course, appreciate the thoughtfulness. But he might be a little baffled about how exactly he was supposed to use the gift.

      • AlphaBible says:

        Did enjoy reading both of your blogs over the last few days, and you seemed to be asking easy questions. The older blog made it sound like you agreed against the two animations, but it’s your pix.

      • AlphaBible says:

        The unicorn illustrates your favorite self description of yourself, and despite the weapons malfunction, the toy puppy dog probably best describes how you’re seen by the cat population. They obviously do belong together, but you already personify them far better than even you could ever animate them. Simple, yet so very awkward?

        • OK, I am starting to get the whole talking in parables thing…
          And you are combining random topics from my discontinued blog and my present one, I presume, because I recall Jessica putting a unicorn in that one, and I know I didn’t put one in this one.
          And cats love me as much as dogs and babies do, just so you know.

      • AlphaBible says:

        People too, including me, but maybe not that one tree.
        That one entry may even explain what we all see in you.
        Still, only meant to say I both read and enjoyed both blogs.

  12. John says:

    Oo! This should be fun! Love you back Arthur!

  13. Jessica says:

    It is definitely fun watching you being you!

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