This week in my life… fone fotos… part 1…

I made a bear!

My younger daughter Mollie got me a sandstone carving kit for Christmas. I finally got around to doing it.

You get a sandstone bear just cut in the outline. And a file, some little pieces of sandpaper and a small soft cloth.

You have to keep dipping the bear and the file in water while you work.

First I rounded all the edges. Then I filed two cuts for the legs.

Bare bear legs.

Little bare bear butt and the beginnings of a tail.

I cut the space between the ears and began to shape the head.

Oh yeah. Sandstone is so fun to work with. I need to do some more with it. Where can I get sandstone?

He is looking very bear-y.

The last step is to heat it with a hair drier and smear on the little wax pellet that came in the kit.

Then you buff it with the cloth.

And you have a bear! I now know that if I could get flat pieces of sandstone and a saw, I could cut animal shapes and then carve them.


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