Droning on… part 1…

I know, this is a lame little video, but it was the first time I really flew my drone. I got the drone for Christmas. Not this year… or last year, I guess that would be… but the year before. It was a cheap little drone. To get it set up to fly, you had to calibrate it, which involved a Shaman dance, and spinning it and rotating it and flipping it. Also, controlling the drone and the camera was really hard by yourself. I did sort of like that the video and photos went directly to your phone. That is my son-in-law, Jason, helping me to fly that crazy little thing.

That still picture was taken the first time I got it off the ground in my mom’s yard in the Bay Area. That is my older daughter, Jessica, who was instrumental in getting me a drone as a gift. The video was shot in front of my mom’s house.

Don’t worry this series of posts will get more interesting.


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