Throwing shade; A study in light and shadow… part 5…

Light and shadow. A light making shadows. Our world is light and shadow.

Each photo in this post will have a copy shown below it. All the digital effects I used were only to either turn it into a negative image, or a black and white photo.

A lightshade making light and shade. The simple irony of light.

These are just shapes around my mom’s house that caught my eye, that displayed the interweaving of light and shadow.

A curtain, almost a black and white image even in color. Is the light coming through from behind, or from another window?

A negative version does not answer the question. Light and shadow bleed into one another.


That is the negative version. It looks like I flipped the whole photo, or just changed the brightness and contrast a little.

A vase I made for my mom in my glass-blowing class. Diffused, indirect light that makes the shadows subtle things.

But they are there, always, if it is light enough to see anything at all. Which brings us to sunlight…

A corner of our deck railing. Bright sunlight throws dark shadows, but there are overcast days where the shadows are shy.

I am sure we will touch on that soon.


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2 Responses to Throwing shade; A study in light and shadow… part 5…

  1. Trent Lewin says:

    Dude, pretty awesome.

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