The depressing waste of a depressing time…

a 50


a 51


a 52

I took these photos with my phone as I walked a patrol at my job as a security guard. These are all just things I saw walking from one building to another.

a 53

I didn’t include any pictures of all the paper towel products that were probably used in sterilizing someone’s hands.

a 54

These people probably do not have the virus, so I guess this doesn’t actually count as medical waste… although they are medical supplies… and waste…

a 55

Trash. We are messing with the planet, even as it is messing with us. This is the new now.


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6 Responses to The depressing waste of a depressing time…

  1. Geri Lawhon says:

    It is so sad that some people are pigs and do not care how the rest of us want to live. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I personally haven’t seen that yet, but friends and acquaintances have shared their own photos of the mess on Facebook. That’s just outrageous! People who discard masks and gloves like that are only adding to the madness of this pandemic. They’re probably the same ones who toss their junk out the car windows while roaring down the highway and don’t use their damn turn signals!

  3. It is depressing, as if we did not have enough to depress us already! People can be such inconsiderate slobs!

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