New York City… day 3… part 5… The Dakota, where John Lennon lived and died…

a 1

John Lennon lived there. He also died there. The Dakota is right by Central Park, and we wanted to see it. It is a moving and sad place to be.

a 2

Before that, but after the Empire State Building adventure, we met our daughter, Jessica, for lunch. I told you she works near the Empire State Building, right?

a 3

I am eating a salami bagel sandwich… because… New York!

a 4

That is my action subway stance. I learned that on the BART… Bay Area Rapid Transit… when I was growing up. Also, I was a sailor, so I can stand on a moving deck.

a 5

Do not try this the first time you are on a subway, or BART. Hang onto something. If you do try it, and if someone is taking your photo, for gosh sakes, suck in your gut!

a 6

Also, is it a good idea to smile near the place where a legend was shot?


a 8

Probably not.

a 9

Okay, back soon with more New York adventures.


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2 Responses to New York City… day 3… part 5… The Dakota, where John Lennon lived and died…

  1. Jessica is absolutely stunning, even in that simple shot, and you’re one of the few people, Art, who make sandwich-eating an event! 🙂

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