Multi-media-tasking… part 3…

a 1

Glass and water. I won’t bore you again with what is going on here. You can read the first two posts in the series for the details.

a 2

Suffice it to say that all of these come from one photo I took of one object I made.

a 3

I am doing double digital filters on copies of the photo, but I am putting the version that has had another filter applied to it above the images that I already did another filter on… did you get that? So the image above is this image…

a 1 a

But with a swirl filter… and the one above the one above the one above is with an extra ‘space’ filter. Are you following along?

a 4

So that up there is a ‘smoke’ filter…

a 5

Used on that version, which had a ‘wave’ filter used on it.

a 6

Whereas that one is a ‘neon’ filter…

a 7

On top of a ‘wiggle’ filter.

z 70

But they still all come from that… which I made myself.

Glad we could clear it all up.

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